Thursday, 12 November 2009


The stock-check is finally over! Woo! I can now have my life back and devote my time to popdock once again. The day job includes Cabot-Circus-based retail mundanity, and every so often I have to work even longer hours...but I'll be doing loads more posts now I have internet and time, (not just dragging my cold feet through the front door long after the sun has set, too tired to even think about making tea) so there'll hopefully be some good, varied Brizzle shizzle up here!

If there's anyone out there doing anything interesting - whether you're a band, a troupe, a collective of any sort, or a ker-azy individual with something fun or lovely to share - then get in touch! I'd like to do a few more profiles - you just have to be loosely Bristol based.

Hope the cold isn't getting everyone down too much. Go check out the Broadmead German Christmas market - which looks set to be going live soon enough- it's enough to make Ebeneezer Scrooge don a pair of reindeer antlers with gay abandon! Pics up soon - for now all I'll say is: rotating two-storey Nativity scene... oh, yes.


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