Monday, 25 January 2010


It's been one thing and another, which has meant I haven't been updating ye olde popdock as regularly as I should... but, here I am again and ready to post, post, post!

We've seen shed-loads of snow (where hasn't?) and are back to the now nicely comforting January drizzle. Never thought I'd be relieved to see it again, but oh, to be able to walk the Avon tarmac normally once more. Well, without extreme ice-trepidation. Normally for me.

Anyway, there's nothing better on the dark nights than to curl up with a good hot chocolate and get some supernatural telly thrills. And I'm not talking Hollywood-glam-vamp-camp-chic (or 'Pattinswoon', as one teen mag tagged him) but a vampire/werewolf/ghost story filmed on our very own doorsteps- in some cases quite literally.

Yes, the wicked Being Human is back on BBC Three for it's second series, and aside from all the flatmate jokes, Russel Tovey and the way the plot is building up a treat - which I'd love no matter where it was set, it's been extra fun spotting all the Bristol locations. It's a wierd feeling, but all of a sudden you realise that park or florists is on one of your regular routes, and it makes it strangely real. I know, it's full of each and every supernatural freak, but seeing it happening in your very familiar home city balances it out, and it's somehow quite believable.

I've been shouting things like "I walk along that bridge in the background everyday!" (sad) and I'm sure London folk get that feeling every day when they watch anything set in Britain, but it' s great to see acknowledgement of other beautiful British cities, and to have some quality programming coming out of the West country. Something not about cider or tractors.

It didn't have to be set in Brizzle. But it is. So, cheers Beebster, and let's have some more!

Right, excuse the dodgy screen shots... brownie points if you get them all!

...Well, they couldn't leave the suspension bridge out, could they?
(copyright all images BBC)

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