Friday, 9 October 2009

Motel Pressure @ Thekla


The fab Motel (Park Street) celebrated their 10th anniversary with a wicked evening of discounts, bargains and prizes. They followed this with a cracking 1990s themed soiree aboard the Thekla, a one off joint venture with new indie guys Pressure. The lovely, camera-shy Motel manager Jenna and DJs Girls Girls Girls fizzed on top deck along with some really eye-catching artwork...

And everyone seemed to be having a good time:

...and as it got later we descended to pull some shapes into the darkness of the ship's belly, where the new guys were cool as, throwing out a really swift mix of old and new 'indie' tunes - a bit of Modest Mouse, some Kings of Leon, even a bit of Florence! Thankfully, no tired old Killers-last-song cliches anywhere in sight, but the dancefloor was always busy.

All in all, a successful night! Cheers Motel and Pressure!

xx p.d

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