Saturday, 10 October 2009

Mud Dock


Following a late shift that really dragged on, (and the fact that it's payday) we decided to go for something to eat on the way home, and Mud Dock seemed like the obvious choice for a mention here on popdock. (Good old Bristolians knowing their industrial heritage so well...)

I've never dined there before, but been past countless times over the years and thought, 'I must check that place out one day...'

Needing some tasty grub after a hard day, and feeling the first nip of the season, I had high hopes, but still wasn't expecting to be so thoroughly impressed. A great selection of modern dishes with just the right combination of luxury and heartiness (and good veggie options), Mud Dock just ticked all the boxes.

Really friendly staff, gorgeous foodgasm-inducing grub, candles and soft music gave the place a chilled out vibe, and prices weren't extortionate either. Most mains were just under £10 each, and we were just too late to be part of a 2-for-£10 offer (Mon-Fri, 5pm-9pm).

As if all that wasn't enough, Mud Dock are not just a restaurant as I had ignorantly presumed... get this - on the ground floor, below the restaurant, there's also a bicycle shop! Operated side-by-side to enhance the owner's two favourite things - dining and cycling, Mud Dock emphasises the benefits of bikes- for your health and the environment, and are especially proud of Bristol's unofficial cycling city status.

Can you imagine Halford's even giving you a cup of tea? Strung from the ceiling was an incredible collection of antique, vintage and valuable bikes - from penny farthings to bmx's - according to our waitress, part of the owner's considerable private collection. During opening hours the bike shop also offers extensive service and advice for any enquiries of the spoke-wheeled type.

(I had polenta with a variety of mushrooms in a cream and garlic sauce with roast cherry tomatoes, pictured, which was gawwwwjas, but I still think the plate needed a little green garnish to perk it up visually - maybe some salad leaves or something?)


Really amazing, and part of that strange Bristol optimism, the just going with a good but crazy idea and seeing what happens, that makes every day in this city a new and exciting adventure!

xx p.d

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