Saturday, 24 October 2009

Quite Ignorant

Ended up accidentally going to two pub quizzes in one night... First at The Bank, which we were slightly too late to join and then at The Mother's Ruin, which we were on time for (and massively lost.)

A few too many pints of cider and an argument with the quizmaster about Popstars The Rivals later, a good synapse-exercising, quiet-ish night was had by a very small quiz team who did't even bring their own stationery.

Quiz sheet
I really like The Mother's Ruin - apart from the great name and pretty Hogwartsy St. Nicks location, it's an old-fashioned rock'n'roll kinda place. The decadent dark wallpaper and rock icon photos match the heavy soundtrack, which is really refreshing in these days of corporate chain-pubs and cheap chart bars.
The guy closing up came outside to take in the blackboards, and just looked at us, taking a picture of the sign. Some people, eh?

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