Sunday, 25 October 2009

why don't you come on over, gallery?

FriendAndCo - 23/10/09

The space that once existed as teen rock haven The Level is now, following extensive refurbishment, possibly Bristol's newest and smallest gallery. Nestled in Park Row beside barbers du-jour Mack Daddy's, the guys at FriendAndCo threw their doors open to a considerable crowd not put off by that annoying piffly October rain. The show ranged from bright block colour collages to intricate pen illustrations from the likes of up-and-comingers Eine, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Will Barras and Xenz.


above 3, Mudwig

Mr Jago
below, the movers and shakers

A vibrant, exciting show, and from the numbers spilling onto the pavement for last night's opening (though there was free booze) it looks set to be a hit. It's on for a few weeks - I'll definitely be popping back in for a more detailed look around when it's less busy. Don't miss it!
xx p.d.
p.s. cheers go to Grant for Mudwig photos!

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