Saturday, 3 October 2009

Point this.

Welcome to popdock.

popdock is going to be a local blog. For local people. Er, not quite.
Most regional media has that depressingly tacky, inclusive buddy feel about it. Like it couldn't find something interesting in a box marked 'Secrets - Do Not Open Ever'.

popdock wants to shed the Points West style fuzziness that has coated Bristol's image and be a blog about enjoying what a cracking city it is, from the Colston Hall to Cosies. I'm a gal having such a freaking wicked time in this fair city of opportunity, I thought I'd better get it all down.

I'm hoping that, as I go out a lot in Briz, popdock will be quite a constructive blog- so that means less getting pointlessly smashed and more remembering to interview people and take photos. I'm definitely not a socialite, a cool kid or a name about town in any way - please don't think this is just me displaying how wonderful my life is. I felt I wanted to do something - set up a platform for putting out reviews of local gigs and performances, new Bristol band/shops/group profiles, photos of funny things on the way to work - because there's so much of it. And lo, popdock was born!

I hope popdock will keep you informed of things going on this side of the Severn, and be a celebration of what is really is to live in this thriving, unique place.

Over and out x x

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